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26 Letters. 26 Animals. 26 Group Names. Endless Adventures!

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Tower of Giraffes

Hello and Thank you for visiting. This is the home-base, the information-hub, the only place on the internet, for up-to-date information on the ABC Animal Group Names series. This series is the best way to teach our young ones the alphabet. Here our learners and early readers have full color pages of animals illustrated with zany cute humor for the adult reader. Because when your child or children start learning the alphabet with ABC Animal Group Names ​they and you will be entertained. That's the ABC Animal Group Names promise.

1/11/2019 Buy both books today. Because the little ones in your life deserve it.

Teachers, parents, and caregivers around the country are having great reading experiences with their children with ABC Animal Group Names. You will too. If there are any little readers in your life, seriously, buy a copy today. As always thank you for your support and keep on reading.

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5/15/2018 These aren't 'Magazines'; A quick note on quality

ABC Animal Group Names real-world-softcover books labeled as 'magazines' are far from the easily ripped flimsy monthly periodicals. 

The term 'magazine' is an explanation of the size of the book. The shelving size of our books are 8.5" x 11". 

Our books are of the highest quality paper ensuring years of reading pleasure for your children. 

Trust us. These are great.

5/14/18 First Illustrations for book 3 have arrived!!!

Book 3 of ABC Animal Group Names is well on it's way as we have received the first set of illustrations. This series will continue to amaze your young readers it's almost spooky. Look for it to be ready in early Fall of this year. 

3/14/18 Book 3 and 4 have been started

This is a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who has made ABC Animal Group Names book 1 and book 2 a success. I can not begin to express my gratitude. Thank you. We have started the illustration process for the next two books in the series. These I personally guarantee will be outstanding. Thanks again and buy more copies of book 1 and book 2 to give to your friends and families.

​-Christopher Webb


2/4/18 Order Your Copies Today

ABC Animal Group Names book series Book 1 version 2 and Book 2 are now available for you to order. These exciting alphabet adventures entertain your early readers with zany pictures of animals in their collective noun group names. Order your copies today!

ABC Animal Group Names book 1 version 2

ABC Animal Group Names book 2

Book 2 preview

This is the second book in the ABC Animal Group Names book series. Order yours today.

1/24/2018 Book 2 Almost READY for order

ABC Animal Group Names Book 2 is just about ready for you to get your copy. eBook will be out very very soon. The print version of Book 2 will be able to order shortly after the eBook release. Stay tuned. 

12/7/2016 ABC Animal Group Names eBook coming soon

Stay tuned to for the next book in the series to be released on amazon. Buy book one today:

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More to come. 


10/07/17 Softcover Book NOW AVAILABLE!

BUY! BUY! BUY! ABC Animal Group Names the physical real world book is now available. Follow this link to get your copy today! 

Buy one today because you deserve it.  

- The Author 

9/26/17 Paperback is coming soon

An ABC Animal Group Names book in physical form will be available shortly. Yes, an actual paperback book of the #1 ABC eBook for curious kids and their parents is coming. We will be using as our distribution hub. Stay tuned...More to follow! 

-The Creator 

We are working on a paperback version

There is a paperback version of ABC ANIMAL GROUP NAMES coming soon. Currently we are in the layout process of making this book come to life. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. 


-Team ABC Animal Group Names

The #1 ABC Animal Group Name eBook is available!!!

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